Decreasing in the cost per request by 6 times using QUIZ marketing: accounting services

    Traffic channel: Google Ads
    Project: company accounting support
    Country: Ukraine
    Additional instruments: QUIZ platform for stimulation of the lead generation
    Cost per lead (CPL): before 30 USD / after 5 USD (1 USD = 28 UAH at that moment)

Project features

Customer had a good site both in terms of design and marketing vector at the time of our work with the project. We hoped the project at the start would be effective. But something was going wrong...

Ad campaign results for existing landing page

We had tuned-up ad campaigns and connected Calltracking due to 90% of leads got through calls. The result was failed: cost per lead more than 30 USD.


We were shocked. All theory about correct landing page with correct marketing vector was failed. We almost put an end to the project.

QUIZ development

We had decided to test effective method that helped other our projects. Examples of QUIZ:

Ad campaign results for QUIZ variant

Conversion of QUIZ was increased to 10 times and cost per lead - to 6 times:


Project was saved and client is satisfied :)

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