Google Ads + Quiz. Decreasing in the cost per request by 32% (roofing materials)

    Traffic channel: Google Ads (search campaign)
    Offer: corrugated board, metal tile, etc.
    Country: Ukraine
    Additional instruments: QUIZ платформа для стимулювання лідогенерації
    Cost per lead (CPL): before $3 (landing page) / after $2 (Quiz) (-32%) 1 USD = 28 UAH at that moment

Ad campaign results (Landing Page)


Start results of landing page:● Cost per lead (cost / conv.) — $3● Conversion rate — 1.64%● Average cost per click — $0.04● Search impression share — 35.29%

Total results after Quiz-site implementation


Results in comparison with landing page:● Cost per lead (cost / conv.) — $2 (-32%)● Conversion rate — 3.75% (+129%)● Average cost per click — $0.08 (+55%)● Search impression share — 58.41% (+66%),
It should be noticed, that we intentionally had increased cost per click for growing up the impression share by 66%. Eventually, we had gotten more profitable leads regardless of higher cost per click.

Before launching the Quiz-site, we also had been testing variants of different complicated feedback forms on a site and tried to imitate the full quiz-site. We had been impressed of a high conversion of quite enough complicated forms, compared to simple forms with just requested a phone number. That's why we'd had a good conversion before quiz-site implementation.

Vasil Pylnikov — Project Manager

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