Facebook Ads. Tree felling/cutting services

    Traffic channel: Facebook (without Instagram)
    Project: Tree felling/cutting, uprooting stumps, etc.
    Geotargeting: Ukraine, Odesa city +40 km
    Test period: 7th of November — 11th of December 2019 year.
    Test budget for advertising:Facebook - 325$

Project features

The client set up ads by himself, but the results weren't appropriate. There are weak engagement and few calls. It's important to note, that the website of the client was created on the platform "Google My Business". There are no possibility to set up external scripts, like as Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics.
Ad campaigns were created by ourselves, considering website nuances. It was ads based on button clicks "call us" with further moving on the website. Target audiences we created perforce only based on the ad's activity, missing the website activity.

Facebook Ad campaign (the results: button «call us»)


Pay attention, the clicks "call us" are displayed as "link clicks". According to the client's statistic, the conversion rate of such clicks into real calls — approximately 10%.

Facebook Ad campaign (the moves to the website)


The ad campaign with the moves to the website had showed off amazing results. Cost per link click — $0.03. It is several times cheaper (according to the client) relatively Google Ads. We had led 1637 moves to the website for $42.6.

Ad examples:



Our client had gotten a good result and continued working with us. We had plans to test a few hypothesis about additional audience targeting for attracting more cheaper leads.

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