Google Ads + Quiz. Decreasing in the cost per request by 3 times (balloon sets delivery)

    Traffic channel: Google Ads (search campaign)
    Offer: Balloon sets delivery in Kyiv
    Country: Ukraine
    Additional instruments: QUIZ platform for stimulation of the lead generation
    Cost per lead (CPL): before $19 (landing page) / after $6 (Quiz). 1 USD = 37 UAH

Ad campaigns results


Start results of the ad campaign:● Cost per lead (cost / conv.): $19● Conversion rate: 3.44%● Amount of requests (conversions): 145


Total results after the Quiz-site implementation:● Cost per lead (cost / conv.): $6● Conversion rate: 10.57%● Amount of requests (conversions): 423

It's important to note, according to the client's feedback, that leads were quite “cold”, regardless of the triple increasing amount of them in comparison with the main website. The niche is quite competitive, that's why an effective performance of the sales department has an essential effect to the advertising success.

Serhii Uhnivenko — CEO CyberLine

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